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Westside High School PTO Donations

WHS PTO is a 501(c) 3 organization. For your records, our tax ID # is 76-063370. Your donation is tax deductible according to the current tax code.

Many employers offer matching programs for charitable contributions.

Please check with your HR department and mail us the forms, if applicable.

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Thanks to our school sponsors and our community members, the Westside PTO has a meaningful impact on our school community.
Support our sponsors and see our sponsor list.
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Throughout the years, the Westside PTO supports the Westside families in need.  Whether it is COVID-19, Hurricane Harvey, or other devastating events that affect our lives, we support one another.
Writing Notes
Check-Underwriting Campaign
Donate to
Support Westside Success

to directly impact the quality of the learning experience

of every WHS student!

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